Practice report

3rd year students of the Faculty of Mechanization of hydromeliorative works are in the 2nd stage of internship at irrigation and land reclamation facilities in Jizzakh and Syrdarya regions. The knowledge gained in practical classes at the university is bearing fruit. In particular, practical training on simulators in E-block, which belongs to the Department of Mechanization of hydromeliorative works. Students contribute to the cleaning and restoration of canals in industrial practice. Each student operated the excavators and calculated the productivity of one cycle and the productivity of one shift. As a result, if the work continues in this way, it is possible that the work will be completed earlier than specified in the project.

In order to enrich the knowledge of students and increase their interest in reclamation techniques, trainee teachers of the MHW department Muzaffar Khobotayev and Furkat Yusupov provide additional information about the power equipment (engines), transmission and control devices of reclamation equipment. High interest and knowledge of the students is the sign of the high quality of lessons at your institutes, says excavator manager Bahodir aka.

Chess and checkers clubs are organized in the dormitory for students to spend their free time meaningfully. After returning from internship, these students will defend the honor of our institute in the Republican stages of chess and checkers. The practice is going on…