Master`s degree


5A450301 - Mechanization of  hydromeliorative works

The professional activities of the master`s degree are: teaching of special disciplines in higher education, improving the qualification in specialized secondary  schools, working in organization of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Management of the Republic of Uzbekistan, in branchs of scientific research institute of agriculture and water management and in Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, in irrigation system management and water management.


5A640101 – Labor protection, safety of production and technological processes

covers a set of tasks for organizing safe and healthy working conditions in various sectors of the economy, planning personnel actions, improving protective equipment and technologies in hazardous and emergency situations, creating a legal framework for technical means and technologies in natural and man-made disasters, coordinating labor protection tasks, developing scientific and methodological recommendations on the use of technical means and ensuring technological safety in the production process.