Bachelor's degree


5450300 – “Mechanization of water management and meliorative works”

 5450300 - "Mechanization of water management and meliorative works" - the direction of education in the field of science and technology, improvement  of methods and means of effective processes and technologies for operation, maintenance and repair of meliorative and constructive machines for  water management and meliorative works.

5640100 – Safety of life

5640100 - Safety of life - the sphere of professional activity directed to the life safety, protecting human health and life using modern technical  methods by  the way of conrolling and forecasting.

5640200 - Occupational Health and Safety

Areas of education 564200 - Occupational Health and Safety - covers a set of tasks for the organization of safe and healthy working conditions in various sectors of the economy, personnel actions in hazardous and emergency situations, the creation of a legal framework for technical means and technologies for natural and man-made disasters, coordination of protection tasks labor, ensuring technological safety when using technical means in the production process.