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Ecology and environmental protection (in water management)

Ecology and environment is the direction in the field of Environmental Protection. It focuses on improving professional skills and gaining job experience in the following organizations Environmental Protection and biotechnology in the system of higher and secondary specialized, vocational education, the State Committee for Ecology and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan and its subordinate departments, centers, State Unitary enterprises, the ministries of Agriculture of the Republic of Uzbekistan and their subordinate organizations.


Water supply engineering systems

Science, production and service covers a complex set of issues related to water management, the design, construction and operation of Engineering Systems, facilities and activities that provide residential areas and production points with water at the required level in various water supply conditions, improving water quality and improving production efficiency.


Philology and Language Teaching

This direction covers learning and analyzing English language structure, learning Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Our graduates can work in the following organizations the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, research institutes, public administration, media, publishing houses, secondary and specialized professional schools.


Jurisprudence (land relations)

"Law" is a branch of the educational sphere, covering the fields of legal activity in state and economic management bodies, judicial, prosecutor's office, justice and other law enforcement agencies, law structures, notary offices, government agencies carrying out activities in the foreign economic and political spheres, international organizations, land resources management bodies, Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan and network research institutes and centers, as well as other commercial and non-profit organizations.


Jurisprudence (cross-border water relations

"Law" is a direction related to the field of Education, which includes state agencies, international organizations, government agencies that organize and implement the management and use of Water Resources in public and economic authorities, judicial, prosecutor's office, justice and other law enforcement agencies, law enforcement structures, notary offices, foreign economic and political spheres related to water resources, the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan and, it also covers areas of legal activity in other commercial and non-profit organizations.

60610700 Artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence is a promising area of ​​computer science and computer engineering. Work in artificial intelligence is focused on creating methods and technologies for solving classical and intellectual problems using the design of computer systems (training, expert, consulting, robot, etc.).
Unlike classical programmers, artificial intelligence specialists are able to combine the above abilities when developing software. Expanding the use of artificial intelligence technology, improving the collection, storage and processing of digital information.
60610600 Software engineering Software engineering is a bachelor's degree program that is focused on training personnel to create and manage software for computers and mobile devices. Collection, processing and transmission of information. Creation of software for computers and telecommunication systems. Creation of data bases and programs for their management.