It's good to know the rule

On April 16, at the Student Campus, a discussion was held on the topic of "Following the road rules is the guarantee of benefits of life" by a tutor pedagogue, psychologist Sagdullayeva Dilorom. The discussion was conducted by the lieutenant Davletshin Nail Ravilyevich, Inspector of Press Service of the Tashkent city Department of Internal Affairs. It is important to preserve the younger generation and make them healthy and energetic. For this purpose the work carried out in the Republic of Uzbekistan in the field of safety of traffic safety is aimed.

Indeed, during the whole year of training, there are bushes, crossings, turnboats, and students. When and where they are going, they encounter road signs, traffic signs, and lit lighting lights. When crossing streets and intersections it was noted that they should know the rules of the traffic and strictly adhere to it. Nail Ravilyevich answered various questions of the students. The discussion was very interesting.

Deputy dean of GAC faculty Azimov Azam, teacher of the department of GM Rakhmonov B.M and GM, GAC, AWAO students.

Educator pedagogue, psychologist Sagdullaeva Dilarom

The press secretary of the Institute, Rakhimboy Jumaniyazov