The event under the motto "Bizga tanchilik kerak, Omonlik Kerak"

In execution of the minutes of the cabinet of ministers of January 2, 2016 for number 3 on the stabilization of the socio-spiritual among the concept of interethnic stability. And also in pursuance of the letter 87-03-1241 of May 6, 2016, the Ministry of Higher and Special Education at the Faculty "Management of Water Resources" held an agitation event under the motto "Bizga tanchilik kerak, Omonlik Kerak". Within the framework of the event, the deputy dean of the faculty M.Dadarbaev and head coach E.Yusupov made a presentation on the advantages of our youth, on the created conditions in their studies, and appreciate peace and stability.

At the end of the event, a video film titled "Tinchlik-Eng Aziz Nemat" was shown by the Tashkent city hakimiyat.