Xojiyev Aliakbar Abdumannopovich

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Tel.:  +99871-237-19-86

Email: a.xojiyev@tiiame.uz



The department was formed with the joining of the departments "Labor Protection" and "Civil Protection" on March 5, 1991. The founder of the department "Life Safety": docent Z.Yusupov. During the years the department was ruled by the specialists: 1994-1995 – R.Bobojonov (Candidate of Technical Sciences), 2005-2008 – H.Avazmatov (Docent), 1996-2005 – R.Bobojonov (Candidate of Technical Sciences), 2005-2008 – S.Gazinazarova (Docent), 2008-2015 – I.Ahmedov (Candidate of Technical Sciences). S.Gazinazarova and I.Akhmedov contributed to the scientific development of the department. Since 2015, the department has been headed by the docent T.Khaydarov. Docents of the department T.Haydarov, I.Ahmedov, E.Turapov, A.Hojiev have high scientific potential. All directions of the institute study the subject "Life Safety". Students of the specialized direction "Life Safety" study 13 disciplines in their specialty. Teachers of the department issued new study-books and manuals for the training students of this direction on the bachelor's program. Members of the department conduct consultations on writing final qualification works for graduates in all directions of bachelor`s and master`s schools. Teachers of the department systematically instruct students for the practical trainings in manufacture. Since 2001, the direction "Life Safety" has begun admitting students for this specialty. There are more than 200 bachelors in this direction now. After graduating, graduates work: - in the Ministry of Emergency Situations (MES); - in the system of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources; - in the system of labor protection; - in the system of the Ministry of Secondary and Higher Education.

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