Scientific activity

At the department "Organization and technology of irrigation and drainage works" in 2019 the following works are performed:


1) Practical grant ҚХ-А-ҚХ-2018-529 “Creation of a new technology and technical means providing a stable profile and project slope of the cross section of the furrow for the efficient use of water resources” supervisor: associate professor Matyakubov B.Sh.

2) Contractual terms Ts 23330562-001: 2019. “Protection and restoration against corrosion of the internal surface of the pressure steel pipe”. Technical requirements. Supervisor: Muratov A.R. Ph.D., Assoc.

3) Contract Agreement “Preparation of an expert opinion on the comparison of special land-reclamation equipment created in China and UZXCMG MChJ in classes for wetland conditions of fish lakes in the Mirzaabad district”. Supervisor: Muratov A.R. Ph.D., Assoc.

4) The contract “Development of the project for the reconstruction of a collector with a length of 16 km providing Aydarkul via the Dustlik channel”. Supervisor: Muratov A.R. Ph.D., Assoc.

5) Economic agreement 2904/2019 “Development of normative documents for the restoration construction and repair work by means of gunning of structures and equipments of pumping units of pumping stations of water management”. Supervisor: Muratov A.R. Ph.D., Assoc.